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Capture Custom1


The images:


0117C tecta   0217 Class 3 Joshua Tree NP View IW
January - Alasdair Glen   February - Ian Woolnough
0317 Class 3 Lithops localis DS Large Custom   0417 IMG 5911 Custom
March - Detlef Schnabel   April - John Arnold
0517 Class 2 Crassula corallina subsp. corallina BS Large Custom   0617 Class 4 Utahia sileri seedling IW Large Custom
May - Birgit Schmitz   June - Ian Woolnough
0717 CLASS ONEgymnocalycium stuckertii CL Large Custom   0817 Class 3 Haworthia viscosa RR Large Custom
July - Chistopher Leather   August - Rogan Roth
0917 Class 2 Gibbaeum heathii RR Large Custom   1017 Class 1 Lobivia Acanthocalycium AG Large Custom
September - Rogan Roth   October - Alasdair Glen
1117 Class 1 Mammillaria bocasana DS Large Custom   1217 setosa4 Custom
November - Detlef Schnabel   December - Alasdair Glen


Capture2 Custom

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