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BCSS Journal 01/1990
BCSS Journal 01/1990
Journal 01/1990 | 2 GBP
  • From the President
  • BCSS Convention
  • South Africa and Namibia: a Study (Pt. 3) by Mel Roberts
  • Effective Ways of Propagating Endangered Cacti, by B. Simerda
  • Continuation of a Study on the Prevention of Red Spider Mite Infestation of Cacti with Butoxycarboxim, by Leonard Jeffries
  • Cactus Pollen under the Scanning Electron Microscope, by Alan R. Hemsley
  • Collector's Sketchbook: Gymnocalycium megalothelos, by E. W. Putnam
  • If it's Flowers You Want . . . Try Rebutias, by John Pilbeam
  • Schwantesia ruedebuschii Dtr., by Keith Larkin
  • Recent Changes in CITES Listings, by Noel McGough
  • Desmidorchis acutangula Decne., by Martin P. Land
  • Umbilicus rupestris; the Wall Pennywort, by D. M. Donovan
  • Three Sedums of Great Contrast, by RayStephenson
  • Face to Face
BCSS Journal 02/1990
BCSS Journal 02/1990
Journal 02/1990 | 2 GBP
  • A New Survey of the Plant Aloe in the Bible, by Meyer Chaouat
  • Tylecodon luteosquamata, by David Hutchinson
  • Effects of Light Exposure on Lithops Seedling Growth, by Norm Dennis and Fortuna Union High School's Anatomy/physiology Class
  • South Africa and Namibia: a Study ( Pt. 4), by Mel Roberts
  • A Sarcostemma from Siam, by Robert Pokras and David Lennartz
  • Why Not Hybrid Cacti'?, by Rena Zahra
  • A Collector's Sketchbook: Crassula argentea, by E. W. Putnam
  • Two New Fellows
  • The Cultivation of Agaves in Europe, by J.R. Kolendo
  • Vesuvius and the Christmas Cactus, Will Tjaden
  • Cactus Fruits, by Ray Stephenson
  • Epiphyllanttlus obovatus, by Fred Wakefield
  • Chiastophyllum oppositifolium, by D.M. Donovan
  • Beginners Please, by P. E. Nance
  • Beginning at the Beginning (2), by Mel Saunders . . .
  • Face to Face
BCSS Journal 03/1990
BCSS Journal 04/1990
Journal 03/1990 | 2 GBP
  September 1990 CONTENTS:
  • From the President
  • Zone One at the National Garden Festival
  • The Cultivation of Succulent Plants in the Mediterranean Climate of Javea, Spain (Pt. 1) by Leonard Jeffries
  • Water Economy in Lithops, by Fortuna Union High School's Anatomy (Physiology) Class
  • The Myriostigmas of San Antonio, by Heinz Hoock
  • Are You a Diddiphile'?, by Gordon Rowley
  • Pachypodium baronii, by Will Tjaden
  • Succulent?, by Howard Walpole
  • Maths and Mamms, by Denis Cheason
  • Cremnophila nutans Rose: a Most Capricious Parent, by Ray Stephenson
  • Pelargonium ceratophyllum L'Herit.: the Antler-leaved Stork's Bill, by Colin C. Walker
  • Neoalsomitra podagrica
  • A Collector's Sketchbook: Thelocactus hexaedrophorus, by E. W. Putnam
  • Face to Face
BCSS Journal 04/1990
BCSS Journal 04/1990
Journal 04/1990 | 2 GBP
  December 1990 CONTENTS:
  • The Convention Lectures
  • Cacti Out of Doors in Czechoslovakia, by Violeta Pazourova
  • The Cultivation of Succulent Plants in the Mediterranean Climate of Javea, Spain (Part 2), by Leonard Jeffries
  • Where the Wild Sarcostemma Grows, by Robert Pokras and David Lennartz
  • Cacti at Cabrillo, by Graham Charles
  • Pleasure from Pence: the Society's Seedlist Seeds, by Bill Morris
  • Adromischus phillipsiae, by Alan Hart
  • The Hampton Court International Flower Show, by Ron Bates
  • Sedum furfuraceum, by Fred Wakefield
  • The National Garden Festival: a Shared Experience, by Mavis Doyle and Ray Stephenson
  • A. H. Haworth and the Crab Cactus, by Will Tjaden
  • Medinella sedifolia, by Alan Hart
  • Echeveria tolimanensis, by Fred Wakefield
  • A Collector's Sketchbook: Ferocactus macrodiscus by E. W. Putnam
  • Eltham Branch at Chelsea Show
  • Stomates and the Taxonomy of Lithops, by Joel Moody
  • Gasteria armstrongii, by Dale Speirs
  • Four Crassulas
  • Face to Face