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A comprehensive set of information leaflets for the successful growing and enjoyment of your plants:
  • Cacti Succulents
  • Propagation Pests and diseases
  • Containers, composts and repotting
  • Seed raising
  • The growing year
  • Where can I grow them?
  • Growing Mesembs
  • Haworthias
  • Asclepiads
  • Epiphytes
  • Further information sources
  • The pack also contains a special membership form with a discount of £2 off your first year's membership.
Note : new members joining via another method at the full price will receive a copy of this information pack free without the discounted membership form.

Pack details: 13 leaflets with 34 pages of full colour leaflets; 275x210mm; with over 140 photos, discount membership form and a leaflet on further information sources.

UK P&P Inc. £2.50 + £1 postage
Leaflets | 3.5 GBP
Europe £2.50 + £2 postage
Leaflets | 4.5 GBP
Rest of World £2.50 + £3 postage
Leaflets | 5.5 GBP