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  • Editorial by G.Rowley
  • Spontaneous Bigeneric Hybrids in Cactaceae by Gordon D.Rowley
  • The Sessè and Mociño cactus plates by Gordon D.Rowley
  • Ornithogalum sardienii, a new dwarf succulent bulb from the Little Karoo by Ernst van Jaarsveld
  • The evolution of life-forms, growth forms and secondary growth in Eurasian Sedoideae (Crassulaceae) by Henk 't Hart
  • The genus Piaranthus R. Br. (Asclepiadaceae) by Ulrich Meve
  • A New species of Haworthia (Asphodelaceae) - H. pringlei C.L.Scott
  • Anacampseros and Allied Genera - A Reassessment by Gordon D.Rowley


UK Bradleya 12/1994 | 6 GBP

Overseas Bradleya 12/1994 | 8 GBP

Total number of pages - 112
colour photographs - 36
black and white photographs - 14
Plus: Total number of pages of maps and drawings - 37
ISBN 0 902099 24 8