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  • Molecular systematic study of the Cactaceae: using chloroplast DNA variation to elucidate cactus phylogeny by Robert S.Wallace
  • Melocactus inclinatus, a new species from the Dutch Leeward Islands by Helmut Antesberger
  • Johanna Ellaphie Ward-Hilhorst (1920-1994) with specific reference to her work on succulent plants by Ernst van Jaarsveld
  • Specialized solitary bees as effective pollinators of South Brazilian species of Notocactus and Gymnocalycium (Cactaceae) Clemens Schlindwein & Dieter Wittmann
  • A new species of Ceropegia in Kenya by Leonard E. Newton
  • Tissue culture of succulent plants - an annotated bibliography by Michael F. Fay, Jill Gratton & Peter J.Atkinson
  • Notes towards a Monogragh of Rhipsalideae (Cactaceae) by W.Barthlott & N.P.Taylor
  • A new species of Haworthia (Asphodelaceae) - H.joeyae by C.L.Scott
  • Marlothistella Schwantes: A rising star by Steven Hammer
  • Opuntia Index Part 1: Introduction A-B by Richard Crook & Roy Mottram
  • The Sessé and Mociño cactus plates: A postscript


UK Bradleya 13/1995 | 6 GBP


Overseas Bradleya 13/1995 | 8 GBP



Total number of pages - 120
colour photographs - 53
black and white photographs - 31
Plus: Total number of pages of maps and drawings - 12
ISBN 0 902099 39 6