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  • Bringing a varied selection of eleven new research papers by some of the great names in the world of succulents:-Cactaceae Of six papers on cacti, two involve field studies in Brazil. One covers bat pollination; the other pollen morphology as an aid to better understanding of the genera and species. Charles Glass & J.Martinez-Avalos describe a new Mammillaria from Tamaulipas, and for the nomenclaturists there is an unravelling of the tangled taxonomy of Neolloydia gautii: the last word - or is it? Charles Nelson provides a major historical review of the 63 cacti sent for naming by the Irish botanist Thomas Coulter to De Candolle, with modern name equivalents. The ongoing Opuntia Index from Crook & Mottram offers all the F words (unexpurgated).
  • Aizoaceae Steven Hammer writes in his inimitable style two "Odes on Mesembryanthemum", covering field observations on 12 genera, 3 new conophytums and 1 new Delosperma. And if you have ever puzzled over those extraordinary cactus-like spine clusters (diadems) on the leaf tips of Trichodiadema, puzzle no longer: they are elucidated in full and assessed in regard to classification of the whole genus.
  • Crassulaceae Werner Rauh & René Hebding describe new kalanchoes from Madagascar with customary lavish colour photographs. E.v.Jaarsveld & D.Koutnik describe novelties in Cotyledon and Tylecodon with fine paintings by Elise Bodley.
  • Portulacaeeae Last but not least, Urs Eggli expounds on a species of Portulaca new to Madagascar.
  • All the articles are illustrated, and Bradleya keeps up its reputation for offering authors free use of colour.


UK Bradleya 15/1997 | 6 GBP

Overseas Bradleya 15/1997 | 8 GBP




Total number of pages - 144
colour photographs - 58
black and white photographs - 43
Plus: Total number of pages of maps and drawings - 20
ISBN 0 902099 44 2