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  • The ecological status of Aloe pillansii (Aloaceae) in the Richtersveld with particular reference to Cornellskop by Graham Williamson
  • A surprising discovery in the stem-succulent Cynanchum complex in Madagascar by Ulrich Meve & Sigrid Liede
  • John Blackburne of Orford Hall and his cultivated succulents by John Edmondson and Gordon Rowley
  • James Justice and the First Succulent Collection in Scotland by Gordon D. Rowley
  • Anatomy of relictual members of Subfamily Cactoideae, IOS Group 1a (Cactaceae) by James D. Mauseth, Teresa Terrazas and Sofia Loza-Cornelo
  • New combinations in Ruschioideae, based on studies in Ruschia (Aizoaceae) by H.E.K. Hartmann
  • Three new species of Lomatophyllum and one new Aloe from Madagascar by Werner Rauh
  • The Pachypodium rosulatum aggregate (Apocynaceae) - one species or several? by G.D. Rowley
  • Two new succulent plant records for East Africa by Leonard E. Newton
  • New transfers from Lomatophyllum to Aloe (Aloaceae) by L.E. Newton & G.D. Rowley
  • Unnamed hybrids of xGasteraloe alliance by Leonard E. Newton
  • Opuntia Index Part 4: G-H by Richard Crook and Roy Mottram


UK Bradleya 16/1998 | 6 GBP

Overseas Bradleya 16/1998 | 8 GBP


Front cover: Cornellskop visited by Sir David Attenborough during the filming of "The Private Life of Plants" in January 1993. The hill has great scientific and aesthetic value. Photo: Graham Williamson.


Total number of pages - 136
colour photographs - 120
black and white illustrations - 42 and numerous line drawings
ISBN 0 902099 54 X