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  • Editorial by Gordon D.Rowley
  • Ecology, biogeography and diversity of the Bolivian epiphytic cacti - with the description of two new taxa by P.L.Ibisch, M.Kessler, C.Nowicki and W.Barthlott
  • Four new, succulent Bulbine species (Asphodelaceae) from the Western and Eastern Cape Provinces of the Republic of South Africa by Graham Williamson
  • Salm-Dyck's cactus paintings - A postscript by Gordon D.Rowley
  • The mandrake cactus: a mystery plant by Alessandro Mosco and Carlo Zanovello
  • A phenetic analysis of the genus Thelocactus by Alessandro Mosco and Carlo Zanovello
  • A new species of Raphionacme from Tanzania by Ulrich Meve
  • The capsules of Drosanthemum Schwantes (Ruschoideae, Aizoaceae) by H.E.K.Hartmann F.L.S. and C.Bruckmann
  • Opuntia Index Part 6: M-O by Richard Crook and Roy Mottram


UK Bradleya 18/2000 | 6 GBP

Overseas Bradleya 18/2000 | 8 GBP


Front cover: The mandrake cactus as photographed in habitat in 1993 (C.Glass in Brit.Cact.Succ.J. 14: 111-116, 1996). A misfit in Turbinicarpus and other genera, this is here given a genus to itself: Lodia Mosco & Zanovello (p.41) 

Total number of pages - 140
colour photographs - 135
black and white illustrations - 22 and numerous line drawings
ISBN 0 902099 70 1