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  • A new species of Eriosyce (Cactaceae) from the northernmost coast of Chile by Raquel Pinto
  • Conservation status of Eriosyce (Cactaceae) in northernmost Chile by Raquel Pinto and Arturo Kirberg
  • Notes on the phenology, natural geographical distribution range and taxonomy of Aloe dichotoma (Aloaceae) by Gideon F. Smith and Elsie M.A. Steyn
  • Aloe jawiyon, a new species from Soqotra (Yemen) by Susan J. Christie, Roderic W. Dutton, Dylan P. Hannon, Anthony G. Miller and Neil A. Oakman
  • Distribution of Ferocactus emoryi (Cactaceae) in Arizona by Root Gorelick and Shannon C. Doan
  • Taxonomy and conservation of the Discocactus Pfeiff. (Cactaceae) species occurring in the state of Bahia, Brazil by Marlon C. Machado, Daniela C. Zappi, Nigel P. Taylor and Eduardo L. Borba
  • Opuntia Index Part 11: W-Z, cultivars by Richard Crook and Roy Mottram
  • A revision of the genus Melocactus in Curaçao and Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles with an illustration of the neotype for M. macracanthos by George Thomson
  • Ruschiella, a new genus of Aizoaceae and new combinations in Phiambolia and Phyllobolus by Cornelia Klak
  • Scanning fruits and flowers of Trichodiadema permits the identification of Delosperma neethlingiae by I.M. Niesler and H.E.K. Hartmann
  • Book reviews by Roy Mottram and Colin Walker


UK Bradleya 23/2005 | 6 GBP

Overseas Bradleya 27/2009 | 23 GBP


Cover: Eriosyce caligophila R. Pinto, a new species described in this issue, is endemic to the coast south of Iquique. The plants, about 4 cm diameter, grow hidden in fragmentary rocks. The background shows hills of the Cordillera de la Costa in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, home to the fog ecosystem of Alto Chipana, 900 m altitude, 2 km from the coastline above the cliffs. Photos by Arturo Kirberg.

Total number of pages - 120 + Cover (40 colour pages + Cover)
colour photographs - 110
black and white photographs - 20, line drawings and diagrams - 34, maps - 13
ISBN 0 902099 75 2
ISSN 0265-086X