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  • Adaptations and phytogeography in the ice-plant family (Aizoaceae) � the interaction of the genetic equipment and ecological parameters. II. Hide-and-seek: plants sunk in the ground by H.E.K. Hartmann
  • Pollination biology of three Brazilian species of Micranthocereus Backeb. (Cereeae, Cactoideae) endemic to the "campos rupestres" by Lidyanne Yuriko Saleme Aona, Marlon Machado, Emerson Ricardo Pansarin, Cibele Cardoso de Castro, Daniela Zappi and Maria do Carmo E. do Amaral
  • Wide-band tracheids in Brazilian cacti by Gladys Flavia Melo-de-Pinna, Emilia Arruda and Deusa Deise Abreu
  • Micropropagation of Adenia goetzei Harms, an attractive caudiciform from Central Africa by Peter Krogstrup, Jens I. Find, Michel M.H. Kristensen and Jorgen Damgaard
  • Book review by Colin C. Walker
  • Two new species of Aloe (Asphodelaceae) from Madagascar by Jean-Bernard Castillon
  • Blossfeldia lacks cortical bundles and persistent epidermis; is it basal within Cactoideae? by James D. Mauseth
  • Effect of coconut water, darkness and auxins on morphogenesis of Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus (Cactaceae) by Maria del Socorro Santos-Diaz, Carlos Elizalde-Rodriguez and Ma. de Lourdes Santos-Diaz
  • Notes on the cultivation and propagation of Chortolirion angolense (Baker) A.Berger (Asphodelaceae) by Andrew Hankey and Gideon F. Smith
  • Wood in the cactus subfamily Opuntioideae has extremely diverse structure by James D. Mauseth
  • Aloe rendillorum: a new species in northern Kenya by Leonard E. Newton
  • Pelecyphora strobiliformis (Werdermann) Fric & Schelle ex Kreuzinger (Cactaceae): a new locality in San Luis Potos�, Mexico by Manuel Sotomayor, Alberto Arredondo Gomez, Francisco Reno Sanchez Barra and Mario Martinez MendezNotes on the diversity, biology, and taxonomy of Frailea (Cactaceae) by Detlev Metzing and Roberto Kiesling


UK Bradleya 24/2006 | 6 GBP

Overseas Bradleya 24/2006 | 8 GBP


Cover: pollinators on flowers of Micranthocereus in Brazil; (top): the butterfly Phoebis philea on flowers of M. flaviflorus; (centre): Vettius sp. (Hesperiidae) on flowers of M. streckeri; (bottom): the hummingbird Phaethornis squalidus visiting flowers of M. streckeri. Photos by Emerson R. Pansarin.





Total number of pages - 128 + Cover ( 27 colour pages + Cover)
73 colour photographs -
63 black and white photographs - , 24 line drawings and diagrams - , 20 maps -
ISBN 0 902099 77 9
ISSN 0265-086X