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  • Editorial by Graham Charles
  • Petrosedum xestrelae Gideon F.Sm. & R.Stephenson (Crassulaceae) [Petrosedum forsterianum (Sm.) Grulich x Petrosedum sediforme (Jacq.) Grulich]: a new nothospecies from central Portugal by Gideon F. Smith & Ray Stephenson
  • The distribution of Espostoa blossfeldiorum (Werd.) Buxb. and Espostoa senilis (F.Ritter) N.P.Taylor (Cactaceae) in Peru by Graham Charles
  • Cotyledon petiolaris, a new cliff-dwelling succulent from the Eastern Cape, South Africa by Ernst J. van Jaarsveld
  • Sansevieria burdettii (Asparagaceae/Dracaenaceae): its history, introduction and distribution, with new localities by Joachim Thiede & Pastor Theo Peter Campbell-Barker
  • Geographical distribution range extension for Sedum acre L. (Crassulaceae) in central Portugal by Gideon F. Smith, Estrela Figueiredo & Vasco Silva
  • Conophytum bachelorum and its relatives: the introduction of a new conophytum from Namaqualand, C. confusum by Andrew J. Young, Chris Rodgerson, Steven A. Hammer & Matthew R. Opel
  • Place and date of valid publication for four taxa in Mediterranean Sedum (Crassulaceae) by Joachim Thiede
  • Conophytum crateriforme - a new dumpling from Namaqualand by Andrew J. Young, Chris Rodgerson, Adam D. Harrower & Steven A. Hammer
  • Alien succulents naturalised and cultivated on the central west coast of Portugal by Vasco Silva, Estrela Figueiredo & Gideon F. Smith
  • Transfers from Polianthes into Agave (Asparagaceae/Agavaceae): new combinations by Joachim Thiede
  • Intercontinental convergence in traditional perspectives on small rosulate leaf succulents as protective charms by Gideon F. Smith, Neil R. Crouch & Estrela Figueiredo
  • On the identity of Leptocereus ekmanii, a currently disregarded cactus species of the Sierra de los Organos, western Cuba by Duniel Barrios Valdes & Luis R. Gonzalez-Torres
  • Delosperma abbottii. A new cliff dwelling species from the coastal eastern parts of South Africa by Ernst J. van Jaarsveld
  • The history of Sansevieria burmanica N.E.Br. and its rediscovery by Peter A. Mansfeld & Gerhard H. F. Ott
  • Xylem conductivity in terminal stems of 20 species of South American columnar cacti by Lance S. Evans & Kristen Skonieczny
  • Kleinia chimanimaniensis, A new cliff-dwelling succulent species from eastern Zimbabwe and western Mozambique by Ernst J. van Jaarsveld
  • Drosanthemum badspoortensis, a new cliff-dwelling species from Badspoort, Western-Cape, South Africa by Ernst J. van Jaarsveld
  • Aloe arborescens (Asphodelaceae): Arborescent forms on Mount Mulanje (Malawi) by Joachim Thiede, Pastor Theo Peter Campbell-Barker, Russ Clare, Philip E. Downs & Bruce J. Hargreaves
  • Winter-flowering maculate aloes from the Lowveld of southeastern Africa: Notes on Aloe monteiroae Baker (Asphodelaceae: Alooideae), the earliest name for Aloe parvibracteata Schönland by Neil R. Crouch, Gideon F. Smith, Ronell R. Klopper, Estrela Figueiredo, Douglas McMurtry & Shane Burns
  • Bulbine spongiosa, a new cliff-dwelling species (Asphodelaceae) from the Western Cape by Ernst J. van Jaarsveld
  • Notes on Agave weberi J.F.Cels ex J.Poiss. (Agavaceae), a large-growing species with invasive tendencies in Southern Africa by Gideon F. Smith & Estrela Figueiredo
  • Astroloba cremnophila, a new cliff dwelling succulent from the Klein Karoo (Western Cape, South Africa) by Ernst J. van Jaarsveld
  • Cotyledon gloeophylla, a new species from the Kouga River, Eastern Cape by Ernst J. van Jaarsveld



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