• Editorial by Graham Charles
  • An extension to the known distribution of Austrocylindropuntia pachypus (K. Schumann) Backeberg (Cactaceae) in Peru by Graham Charles
  • The correct author citation and date of publication of the name Agave yuccifolia F.Delaroche (Agavaceae/Asparagaceae) by Gideon F. Smith & Estrela Figueiredo
  • A further species of Furcraea Vent., Furcraea selloana K.Koch (Asparagaceae subfam. Agavoideae/Agavaceae), naturalised in South Africa by Gideon F. Smith & Estrela Figueiredo
  • Cylindropuntia fulgida (Engelm.) F.M.Knuth var. fulgida (Cactaceae) is naturalized and spreading in Zimbabwe by Alfred Maroyi
  • Widely cultivated, large-growing yuccas: notes on Yucca elephantipes Regel ex Trel., Yucca gigantea Lem. and Yucca guatemalensis Baker (Agavaceae) by Gideon F. Smith & Estrela Figueiredo
  • Cactus Survey at the Floresta Nacional of Contendas do Sincorá, Bahia, Brazil by Mônica Ribeiro Piexoto, Daniela C. Zappi, Suelma R. Silva, Grênivel M. Costa & Lidyanne Y.S. Aona
  • Austrocylindropuntia vestita (Salm-Dyck) Backeb. (Cactaceae) recorded from the Little Karoo in South Africa's Western Cape province by Gideon F. Smith & Estrela Figueiredo
  • Reinstatement of Aloe candelabrum A.Berger (Asphodelaceae: Alooideae), a tree-like aloe of KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa by Gideon F. Smith, Ronell R. Klopper, Neil R. Crouch & Estrela Figueiredo
  • Occurrence of the little-known Kalanchoe leblanciae Raym.-Hamet (Crassulaceae) confirmed in South Africa by Neil R. Crouch, Estrela Figueiredo & Gideon F. Smith
  • A review of Euphorbia mlanjeana L.C.Leach (Euphorbiaceae): its habitats on Mount Mulanje (Malawi) and new localities in Mozambique by Joachim Thiede, Pastor Theo Peter Campbell-Barker, Philip E. Downs & Bruce J. Hargreaves
  • The taxonomy and type of Kalanchoe sexangularis N.E.Br. (Crassulaceae) by Estrela Figueiredo, Gideon F. Smith & Neil R. Crouch
  • What is a cephalium? by Root Gorelick
  • Tinospora fragosa (Menispermaceae) subsp. fragosa adaptation to its hostile African habitat by Ernst J. van Jaarsveld
  • Notes on the geographical distribution range of Sedum mucizonia (Ortega) Raym.-Hamet (Crassulaceae), a miniature, annual succulent, in continental Portugal by Gideon F. Smith, Estrela Figueiredo & Vasco Silva
  • Correction of a nomenclatural problem in Cotyledon (Crassulaceae), and notes on the taxonomy of miscellaneous succulent Hyacinthaceae by Ernst J. van Jaarsveld & Urs Eggli
  • Permanent open flowers in Nelia Schwantes, Aizoaceae - an approach to the secret by Ingeborg M. Niesler
  • A Synopsis of the Genus Cleistocactus Lemaire (Cactaceae) by Martin Lowry
  • Notes on the cacti of the Sandia valley, Puno, Peru and a description of a new species of Echinopsis (Cactaceae) by Paul Hoxey
  • A review of Agave mitis (Asparagaceae/Agavaceae) by Joachim Thiede
  • Kalanchoe winteri Gideon F.Sm., N.R.Crouch & Mich.Walters (Crassulaceae), a new species from the Wolkberg Centre of Endemism, South Africa by Neil R. Crouch, Gideon F. Smith, Michele Walters & Estrela Figueiredo
  • Sansevieria ballyi L.E.Newton (Asparagaceae) and newly found field notes by Peter A. Mansfeld
  • Dracaena transvaalensis Bak., (Dracaenaceae) the dragon tree of the Limpopo Province, South Africa by Ernst J. van Jaarsveld
  • Tylecodon florentii, a new cliff dwelling species from the Kookrivier cliffs, Richtersveld (Northern Cape Province), South Africa by Ernst J. van Jaarsveld



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