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Total number of pages - 96.
35 colour photographs.
54 black and white photographs.
Plus: Total number of pages of maps and drawings - approx. 11
ISBN 0 902099 17 5


  • Comparative structure-function studies within a strongly dimorphic plant, Melocactus intortus (Cactaceae) by James D.Mauseth
  • An alternative view of generic delimitation and relationships in tribe Cereeae (Cactaceae) by N.P.Taylor & D.C.Zappi
  • Conophytum: An annotated checklist (D-K) by Steven A.Hammer
  • Miscellaneous notes on Stapelieae (Asclepiadaceae) by P.V.Bruyns
  • Sarcostemma pearsonii N.E.Br. A neglected species from Southern Africa by Sigrid Liede & Ulrich Meve
  • Supplementary notes on Mexican Echinocereus (2) by N.P.Taylor
  • A bibliography of succulent plant periodicals: additional notes on Kambroo by Gideon F. Smith & A.E.van Wyk
  • A review of Pehr Forsskal's stapeliads and the typification of Caralluma quadrangula and C.subulata (Asclepiadaceae) by M.G.Gilbert
  • A new variety of Ariocarpus Fissuratus (Cactaceae) by W.Stuppy & N.P.Taylor
  • Notes on Selenicereus (A. Berger) Britton & Rose and Aporocactus Lemaire (Cactaceae - Hylocereinae) by David
  • Hunt