Our Journal is highly regarded, with a circulation of around 3,000. Be a part of our success, and advertise to thousands of cactus and succulent enthusiasts. To advertise, email us a copy of your advertisement, in one of the following formats:-

  • PC QuarkXpress file
  • EPS file
  • PDF file
  • Microsoft Word file
  • Simple email text

Please ensure that you also send image files of any graphics used in your advertisement. You can also send simple text by letter, or send a flexible computer disk or CD/dvd (preferred to email for large or complex adverts with graphics). You should also send your payment at the same time. Orders are only accepted once payment has been received. If your advertisement is not available in one of the above formats, please check via email or telephone whether it is in a format which can be used. Please indicate in which issue(s) of the Journal you want the advertisement to appear.

A series of 4 identical advertisements gives you a 25% reduction, ie 4 for the price of 3.

Copy date/payment deadlines:

March edition: 10th January  June edition: 10th April September edition: 10th July December edition: 10th October 

Download full rate card

Points for Advertisers

  • In all cases, please send payment with order.
  • Cheques should be made payable to "BCSS".
  • Alternatively pay direct to the BCSS bank account (details on Journal inside front cover, and include the reference 'ADV' plus your name with your payment).
  • For all orders within the European Union, please add VAT at the current rate. The table below is valid whilst the relevant UK VAT rate is 20%.
  • A VAT receipt will be sent to you by email to confirm your order.
  • The minimum acceptable type size is 6 points, and a minimum of 7 points is preferred.
  • Please include in your advertisement your email and website contact details and address where possible.
  • For black and white + one colour advertisements, some colour restrictions apply. We shall advise, on receipt of your proposed advertisement and colour.

 Classified ads

(Prices include VAT) Payment with order in all cases.

Disposals and wants -- Available to non-commercial advertisers only. £8.00 for up to 5 lines. Extra lines at £1.00 each.

Marketplace -- Available to new commercial advertisers only (up to a maximum of 4 times). £13.00 for up to 5 lines. Extra lines at £2.00 each.

Advertising Officer:- David Quail, Old Oak Farm, Moor Edge Low Side, Harden, Bingley BD16 1LD, UK Telephone:- 01535 273615 Email:- dequail2@tiscali.co.uk


Updated Jan 2013