The journal Editor is pleased to receive articles for consideration on any subjects related to the succulent plant hobby.

Manuscripts should be supplied as a text file in any popular PC-based word-processor format. These are converted to a Word file in 12pt., single spacing, unjustified, with scientific names and book titles in italics, so it saves time if texts are received in this style.

Authors should include their contact postal and email addresses at the end of articles, unless they have an objection to these appearing.

A list of captions to illustrations should be appended to the article, and the name of the photographer for each photo should be included. If all photos are credited to the same author, a statement to that effect is all that is necessary.

Illustrations may be supplied as high resolution digital images, transparencies (slides) or prints, and numbered with the sequence that they appear in the text.

Digital images (photos, scans or graphics) should preferably be at least 1MB jpegs or compressed tifs if sent as email attachments. Smaller can sometimes be used if nothing else is available. They can alternatively be sent on a CD, in which case they should preferably be uncompressed tifs. Images have to be at 300dpi for printing and should be sent as such ideally, but if not received in 300dpi they will be converted by the editor.

Authors will receive usually at least 20 copies of their articles after publication as unbound pages. Articles are also available as a pdf, sent by email, if requested. If only a pdf is required, this preference should be stated at the time of submission of the article.

Point of contact:

All articles submitted for consideration, or editorial queries, should be addressed to:

Al Laius, Wansbeck Dyffryn Rd Ammanford Carms SA18 3TA

Tel: 07792 204977