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Alan Bromley

Born: 1956AlanBromley

General: As a retired director of a company in the scientific communications field, I have 35 years’ experience in organizing events and producing educational materials in print and electronic media. The skills I bring to the Society are in communicating information in ways that are clear, precise and creative, and my aim is to help the Branches and Zones – and the Society as a whole – project a professional image, support its members, and attract new ones.

Cacti & Succulents: My interest began in my teens but further education and the lack of a garden put paid to building a collection for many years. My interest was rekindled in 2006 with a new house and a small greenhouse, but moving to the countryside in September 2015 has meant I have a much larger greenhouse which I’m gradually filling. I’m not specializing in any particular genus or plant type at the moment but that may change in the future. Many of my plants are still young but I hope to live long enough to see them become much larger!

Other interest: A very large garden is filling most of my time at the moment, plus doing up a house in much need of some TLC.