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BCSS Journal 01/2002
BCSS Journal 01/2002
Journal 01/2002 | 2.5 GBP
  • Micranthocereus Backeberg by Graham Charles
  • Carallumas, old and new, in Saudi Arabia - Part 3 by Sheila Collenette
  • Rebutias with a tendency to 'sphericosity' - A to L by John Pilbeam
  • Succulent plant portrait gallery
  • Round Robins: flight reports by Malcolm Holloway
  • Bookshelf
  • Face to face
  • Any questions?
  • The Cacti of the San Juan river basin, Peru - a conservation survey by Carlos Ostolaza Nano
  • Pep for plantsmen - Part 3, the window-leaved peperomias by Gordon Rowley
BCSS Journal 02/2002
BCSS Journal 02/2002
Journal 02/2002 | 2.5 GBP
  • A Copiapoa krainziana tale by Marlon Machado
  • Slow -growing cacti from seed - some further observations by David Quail
  • A half hour's stroll to see Ariocarpus agavoides by Bill Weightman
  • Round Robins: flight reports by Malcolm Holloway
  • Face to face
  • Any questions?
  • Bookshelf
  • Wilful wicoxias by David Lambie
  • Pilosocereus goianus by Pierre J Braun and Eddie Esteves Pereira
  • Echinocereus scheeri (Salm-Dyck) Scheer and its closest relatives by Werner Rischer and Juergen Rutow
BCSS Journal 03/2002
BCSS Journal 04/2002
Journal 03/2002 | 2.5 GBP
  • Two relatively new Mallorcan botanical gardens of note by Ray Stephenson
  • Pachypodium brevicaule by Lucio Russo
  • Rebutias with a tendency to "sphericosity" - M to Z by John Pilbeam
  • A remote mountain peak in Namibia by Len Newton
  • Pep for plantsmen - Part 4, the flat-leaved semi-succulent peperomias by Gordon Rowley
  • Bookshelf
  • Round Robins report
  • 2000 - a good year for mammillarias by Bill Weightman
  • Populations of Lobivia pugionacantha
  • var.pugionacantha in Argentina by Pablo Picca and Fabian Font
  • Erioscyce aurata by John Arnold
  • BCSS conservation project near Willowmore, South Aftrica by Daphne Pritchard
  • First aid in the glasshouse by Harry Mays
  • Justus Corderoy by John Warwick
BCSS Journal 04/2002
BCSS Journal 04/2002
Journal 04/2002 | 2.5 GBP
  • Explorations in the habitat of Echinocereus lindsayi by Richard R�mer, Peter Berresford, Paul Hoxey and Jos Huizer
  • Abbey Brook Echinopsis hybrids- the results of 30 years' work by Brian Fearn
  • Aloe polyphylla growing outdoors in the UK by Rob Senior
  • The 2002 BCSS Seed List by David Rushforth
  • Pep for plantsmen - Part 5, succulent peperomias in cultivation by Gordon Rowley
  • Round Robins report by Malcolm Holloway
  • White-spined discocacti from the Brazilian state of Bahia by Andreas Hofacker
  • A new species of Aloe (Aloaceae) in Kenya with secund flowers by Len Newton
  • Bulbine - a neglected genus by Terry Smale
  • A sterile method for raising cacti from seed by Curt Lambeth