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BCSS Journal 01/2004
BCSS Journal 01/2004
Journal 01/2004 | 3 GBP
  • Balsas, Peru - a dream come true by Graham Charles
  • Sanseveria ballyi - a name at last for a long-cultivated plant by Leonard E.Newton
  • 2003 - a good year for Ariocarpus by David Quail
  • Cereus estevesii P.J.Braun - a new species of Cactaceae from northern Minas Gerais, Brazil by Pierre Braun
  • The identification of the Copiapoa species from Quebrada Botija, Chile by Graham Charles
  • Some notes on Copiapoa humilis and the description of a new subspecies by Paul Hoxey
  • Mammillarias in reverse, Part 1 by John Pilbeam
BCSS Journal 02/2004
BCSS Journal 02/2004
Journal 02/2004 | 3 GBP
  • John's quarry by John Hughes
  • Intergeneric hybrids in Cactaceae - 2004 update by Gordon Rowley
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Flowering of Agave gypsophila by Len Newton
  • Ortegocactus in the wild - warts and all by Bill Weightman
  • A selection of 2004 ISI plants by Harry Mays
  • More Letters to the Editor
  • Round Robins Report
  • Cacti and succulents on society badges by John Cox
  • Early images of Mammillaria mammillaris by Roy Mottram
  • Bookshelf I
  • Denmoza Br. & R. by Graham Charles
  • Orostachys - a sadly neglected genus by John Hughes
  • Additional comments on Melocactus deinacanthus by Pierre Braun
  • Bookshelf 2
  • The aloes of Mount Ayliff by Rogan Roth
BCSS Journal 03/2004
BCSS Journal 04/2004
Journal 03/2004 | 3 GBP
  • A new BCSS Fellow - Eddy Harris
  • El Charco del Ingenio - a Phoenix rising by Martin Smith
  • Favourite mesembs - an occasional series by Eddy Harris
  • Let's go to Hell, I said by John Pilbeam
  • Growing succulents in the garden by David Quail
  • Round Robins report by Malcolm Holloway
  • The conservation of Melocactus conoideus in Vitoria
  • da Conquista, Brazil by Marlon Machado
  • Allahaismarladik Sempervivum by Ray Stephenson
  • The flowering of Pilosocereus tillianus by Anne Adams and David Donovan
BCSS Journal 04/2004
BCSS Journal 04/2004
Journal 04/2004 | 3 GBP
  • National Show 2004
  • Bookshelf 1
  • Obituary - Winifred E.Dunn
  • Geohintonia mexicana and Aztekium hintonii from seed to flowering by David Quail
  • Round Robins report by Malcolm Holloway
  • Two succulent aroids by Colin Walker
  • Pilosocereus bohlei Hofacker - a remarkable new species from Brazil by Marlon Machado and Graham Charles
  • The BCSS Seed Offering by David Rushforth
  • A Selenicereus saga by Gordon Rowley
  • Bookshelf 2