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BCSS Journal 01/2005
BCSS Journal 01/2005
Journal 01/2005 | 3 GBP
  • A special offering of Brazilian cactus seeds
  • The plants in the BCSS Brazilian cactus seed offer by Graham Charles
  • Favourite mesembs - an occasional series by Eddy Harris
  • Bookshelf
  • + Hylogymnocalycium replaces + Hylocalycium by Gordon Rowley
  • Gymnocalycium - An alphabetical review (A) by John Pilbeam
  • The flowering of Harrisia earlei by Gerard Delanoy
  • Round Robins report by Malcolm Holloway
  • The Huaura valley, Lima, Peru - revisited by Carlos Ostolaza et al
  • Cacti along Vekol Wash in south-eastern Sonoran
  • Desert National Monument by Root Gorelick
BCSS Journal 02/2005
BCSS Journal 02/2005
Journal 02/2005 | 3 GBP
  • Canada's Kaladar cactus by Ken Hancock, Stephen Derbyshire and Rob Huntley
  • Eriosyce laui - a Chilean enigma by Paul Hoxey
  • Saguaro -monarch of the Sonoran desert by Gillian Foster
  • Round Robins report by Malcom Holloway
  • Mammillarias in reverse - Part 2 by John Pi!beam
  • Ariocarpus bravoanus - on the edge by Geoff Bailey, John Miller & Martin Smith
  • Saving a dwarf Cuban Turk's Cap cactus by Luis R.Gonzalez-Torres, Jesus Matos, Alejandro Pamarola. Fabiola Areces, Alicia Rodriguez and Alberto Torres
  • Toes in the sand - Fenestraria in habitat by David Neville
BCSS Journal 03/2005
BCSS Journal 04/2005
Journal 03/2005 | 3 GBP
  • Simple thrills in the Caribbean - Mammillaria mammillaris and Opuntia curassavica in habitat by George Thomson
  • John Sanderson and some of the plants that bear his name by Rogan Roth
  • Hunting the hedgehog - the Mojave way by Peter Berresford
  • Some success with Welwitschia by Chris Hynes
  • Conophytum ratum - a yellow flowered form by Chris Rodgerson
  • Bookshelf
  • A selection of unusual items from the ISI 2005 listing by Harry Mays
  • Finding Sulcorebutia christiei by Bill Christie
  • Round Robins Report by Malcolm Holloway
  • pH inhibitors? by Ray Stephenson
BCSS Journal 04/2005
BCSS Journal 04/2005
Journal 04/2005 | 3 GBP
  • Columnar cerei in flower by Colin Norton
  • The 2005 BCSS seed offering by David Rushforth
  • Obituary - Professor Keith Mortimer by Gordon Rowley
  • Madeira: not just a holiday destination by John Arnold
  • A new cultivar in Echeveria by Roy Mottram
  • Round Robins Report by Malcolm Holloway
  • Gymnocalycium - an alphabetical review (B) by John Pilbeam
  • A tale of two Arabian aloes by Colin Walker
  • Favourite mesembs - an occasional series (6) by Eddy Harris
  • A poignant visit to a spectacular outdoor Agave by David Quail
  • Success with Aloe haemanthifolia by John Betteley